2018 Tesla Model X Review And Price

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Although the 2018 Tesla Model X has some drawbacks, it offers performance that few SUV’s can match, with a spacious interior full of features. For these reasons, it ranks in the top third of our mid-size SUV luxury rankings.

Speaking of the exterior design of the 2018 Tesla Model X, there will be no significant change from the current model. It will have the same elegant and well carved body with clean lines. The front features a family grill and narrow LED headlights. It will have falcon wing rear doors that will greatly facilitate access to the second and third. This model will travel with 20 inch alloy wheels, while the larger 22 inch wheels will be optional.

Inside, the 2018 Tesla Model X will offer plenty of space. It will be offered with three configurations of seats with two or three rows of seats. Therefore, depending on your choice, you can receive five, six or seven passengers. In addition, the second and third rows can be folded if you need extra space usually large. As for the equipment, it will offer many features such as navigation, LED environmental lighting, automatic keyless entry, touch screen, etc. In terms of safety, automatic emergency braking, collision warning, lane change, air bags, reversing camera, etc.

TheĀ 2018 Tesla Model X model offers the type of acceleration that most competitors dream about. Each model in the range goes from zero to 100 km/h in less than 5 seconds. The P100D high performance setting makes boarding in less than 3 seconds one of the fastest vehicles, whether SUV or otherwise. People expect electric vehicles to fall in efficiency. TheĀ 2018 Tesla Model X has somewhat weak ratings for electric vehicle standards, but it remains the most efficient SUV in its class. Earn the equivalent of 91 mpg in the city and 95 mpg on the highway. Compared to a competitor like the Mercedes Benz GLE, the Tesla Model X will save you about $ 1,600 per year in fuel costs. When it comes to fees, you can charge the 2018 Tesla Model X at home with a standard 120 volt power outlet. However, with a 240 volt outlet, the charge will be much faster. 2018 Tesla Model X owners also have access to Tesla’s national network of Supercharger Stations. In one of these stations, you can charge up to 80% of the total battery in about half an hour. In addition, owners can get up to 400 kWh (or about 1,000 miles) of free freight each year on the Supercharger network for a small fee after that.

The exact arrival of the model 2018 Tesla Model X is not yet known. Its initial price is expected to be around $ 83,000, while the maximum cuts will reach $ 145,000.

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