2019 Audi RS5 Review And Price

2019 Audi RS5 Black Blue Body Kit Brake Calipers Engine

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The 2019 Audi RS5 sportback is a look, even if you are not one of those who are so interested in the complete design of the “four door coupe”. And, to tell you the truth, it is actually a rear door vehicle. It is therefore technically a five door vehicle, but it still competes with models such as the Mercedes Benz CLS and the BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe. The front is dominated by the large single frame grid and massive ingestion at the corners, which provide RS style honeycomb mesh, while the bell adds its own aggression. In addition, the body is actually wider than the RS5 Coupe, and it really looks when viewed from the front. The lateral profile is generously eccentric. Of course, it has the sharp body lines that you’d expect from a sports car and the sloping roof at the back, but it has four doors that are sort of well proportioned, even though the back door is a little smaller. The line of the belt has a slight curvature, while the mirrors are a little late compared to what one would expect. Finally, the line of the lower part of the body slightly protruding has an angle that gives the treatment a sideways inclination, despite the aggressive roofline. This is also where you may notice a slightly lower position, which is 7mm or 0.28 inches lower than the 2019 Audi RS5. On the back, the fifth door is painfully obvious if you follow the jagged edges of what would be the back cover over the pillar up to the glass, you can not lose that gorgeous stitching to the ceiling. The roof angle is designed to allow you to see the large glass panel on the roof as well. A small carbon fiber edge rests on the rear edge of the fifth door. And that’s where Audi’s design skills truly shine because the rear has a truly sculpted look with taillights that fit inside the concave section of the rear fascia. An aggressive diffuser takes over below, where dual exhaust outlets and a touch of carbon fiber compensate for the thin red reflectors. It goes without saying that the 2019 Audi RS5 sportback is a very sporty car, specially designed for vehicles with four side doors, but there is not only the bodywork, there is also a lot of things inside.

What could be said is that, despite the infinite roof, there are still seats for five passengers. The front passengers have 2019 Audi RS5 seats with raised headrests, while the rear passengers have a sort of bench seat with the seat at each end, which provides significant support on the sides. They also have the hexagonal seam pattern with colored stitching for the body, while the center of the seat is a little higher with the backrest folded like a folding armrest in case the seat would remain unoccupied. The front of the vehicle is dominated by the carbon fiber edge at the front of the dashboard, the center console, the steering wheel and the shift lever, while the typical Audi floating screen offers specific RS graphics . Like the seats, the steering wheel is lined with leather, perforated and connected by body colored seams. It is a flat bottom unit with an aggressively tilted rear pillar. A group of standard Audi instruments is in front of the wheel, but you can opt for the virtual cockpit with specific RS graphics. Alcantara and carbon fiber adorn the doors, while the stainless steel pedals are combined with the various cab trim pieces. The last detail relates to the cargo space, which, presumably, is due to a premium (like the ceiling height) due to this sloping roof, but Audi has also thought about it. The manufacturer has not revealed any specific figures on the volume, but the rear seats are folded down, which would provide, at least, twice the utility space that exists with them in a vertical position. This may seem like the role of a family car in terms of basic form, but make no mistake, it’s a complete sports car.

Like the 2019 Audi RS5 coupe, the Sportback is motivated by a 2.9 liter V-6 Biturbo. This is the same engine that powers the PorschePanamera and would have been offered in a new entry level Audi R8, but it is designed to deliver 444 horsepower and 443 lb. of torque: 4 horsepower and 38 lb-ft more than you take the Panamera. The tasks of change have so far been the responsibility of the Audi eight speed car, which does not have the word of a manual transmission, but transmits the power of the channel to all four wheels through the Quattro all wheel drive system. The pair is split between the front and rear with a 40:60 bias, which should lead to attractive and exciting driving characteristics as soon as you get really keen on it. Audi claims that the Sportback can reach 100 km / h in “less than four seconds”, which would put it about 3 seconds faster than the BMW 650i Gran Coupé and one second faster than the Mercedes Benz CLS500. The maximum speed is set at 155 km/h, but if you choose the dynamic package, Audi will increase the electronic speed limiter to 174 km/h. For its money, Audi claims that these performances are conservative. It would be faster to drive in the right conditions with the right driver. As mentioned above, the suspension has been reduced by 0.28 inches from the coupe and the body is one inch wider; it will therefore be handled brutally if necessary. However, if you want more, you can create a sport suspension with dynamic racing control that will allow you to customize the suspension to suit your specific needs at that time. With regard to the driver assistance functions, some functions are available to you if you really want to control a car of this type, but you need options such as the recognition of road signs, the control of active cruising and assistance for lane maintenance that really wants those in something as sporty as this one: it’s made to be driven, so we suggest you drive it as if it were stolen.

The 2019 Audi RS5 will probably be delivered during the first revision of the vehicle proposed since the summer. However, Audi has to download the original charges, but it plans to cover about £ 65,000 to £ 70,000 for one of the many high level monsters, as well as the charges of the old model.

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