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It seems that the rumors about the new Honda crossover SUV seemed to be true. The new 2019 Honda Passport was spotted on the streets with a lot of camouflage. However, judging by the pictures taken, the new passport will be located between the Pilot and CR-V models. However, it will rely primarily on the new driver with whom it will share the platform, the exterior and interior design. You must also use the same engine. However, some sources also claim that the passport will also receive a hybrid unit at some point in the future.

Although it looks nothing like the smallest Honda SUV, the 2019 Honda Passport borrows many signals from the biggest driver. Of course, once all the small details have been taken into account, everything is clear, but there are many similarities to mention. In the front, for example, the headlights look a lot like the Pilot, in terms of shape and size. Of course, the design of the LED bars inside is different, but the small flashers mounted on the side are taken from your big brother. Instead of the horizontal chrome strips of the larger SUV, the 2019 Honda Passport have a mesh with small oval grips and a black edge above. This gives the crossover a harder look. The same goes for the bumper, which features a huge black center section and small fog lights and daytime running lights on the sides. On the other hand, the passport has a line of highly carved characters on the upper doors and a higher driving height. The ground distance is 0.5 inches in the front wheel drive models and 1.1 inches in the all wheel drive models. This, combined with the shorter total length and reduced rear overhang, makes the 2019 Honda Passport a better tracker, as it improves the angles of approach, exit and break. At the rear, Honda has retained many of the essential features of the rider. First, the 2019 Honda Passport has the same triangular headlights on each side of the hatchback. The big difference here is that Honda has eliminated the driver’s internal lights. This is a little unusual because most crosses now have two-piece tail lights, but it’s good to see something different. The 2019 Honda Passport also retains the trapezoidal license plate slot in the tailgate and a similar bumper design. On the other hand, Honda has added a similar element to a diffuser underneath and a larger spoiler in the tailgate. The black edge that covers the entire width of the tailgate adds a bit of class, just like the chrome exhaust outlets at the corners. You can also order a colorful graphic set, welcome lights for the landing gear and illuminated door frames. There is also an adventure group that adds running boards, a tow bar and wings, and an urban group with front and rear baffles at the bottom, unique 20-inch wheels, roof bars and bars. In total, the 2019 Honda Passport seems a bit commonplace, but it has a more robust aspect than the pilot. It is not as sophisticated as the other Honda models, but is modern enough for 2019.

If you expected to find a unique cabin configuration in the 2019 Honda Passport, you will be disappointed. Honda has borrowed over 90% of the driver’s interior for this crossover. The control panel and center console look the same, and even the start button is placed in a similar position. At first glance, the door panels are also identical, but the four spoke steering wheel has been redesigned and now includes new controls mounted on glossy black inserts. The cheaper models are also equipped with a smaller five inch infotainment screen. The EX-L, Touring and Elite versions have an eight inch screen with automatic integration of Apple CarPlay and Android. The new information and entertainment system uses gestures common to smartphones and tablets. You can slide, touch and pinch to access its functions. Top of the line Touring and Elite models also feature a 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection for up to seven devices with a 90 day/3GB free trial period. Like any new Honda, the 2019 Honda Passport comes with a set seven inch digital instruments that display detailed travel computer data, audio system information, and phone information. You can navigate through the options using the steering wheel controls. For convenience, Honda has included a multi view rear view camera as standard. Thanks to its aerial view option, it is much easier to connect the SUV to a trailer. The total interior volume has a power of 157.1 cubic feet. The crossover also features a large cargo compartment under a segmented 2.5 cubic foot floor to carry dirty material or store valuables out of sight. In the trunk, there is a 41.2 cubic foot luggage storage space when the second row seats are raised. Bend over and the usable space increases to 77.9 cubic feet, enough to accommodate mountain bikes and camping gear.

As it is mounted on the same platform as the Pilot, it is not surprising that both SUV’s also share the same engine. This is good news because it places the 2019 Honda Passport above most of its competitors, who have less powerful V6 engines or smaller four cylinder units. The V-6 is paired with Honda’s latest nine speed automatic transmission, also available on the Pilot and other vehicles. The SUV has a two wheel drive design as standard, but you can opt for the i-VTM4 AWD system. Unlike most all wheel drive systems, it uses active vectorization to send up to 70% of the torque on the rear axle and up to 100% on the left or right wheels. This configuration improves handling on wet or snowy terrain and even on sandy trails. The Intelligent Traction Management (ITM) system is standard on front wheel drive and AWD models, further improving traction in all driving conditions. When it comes to towing, the 2019 Honda Passport is as good as the pilot. These figures are available when both filters are equipped with the optional towing device.

The 2019 Honda Passport has just been spied on during its tests, but we can not say exactly when it will be presented to the world. However, this should be later this year. The price is not known either, but it should be between $ 27,000 and $ 28,000.

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