2019 Hyundai Kona Review And Price

2019 Hyundai Kona Six Speed Manual Premium Seven Seater

If you want an electric SUV that travels more than 250 km and you are charged and you do not want to spend nearly $ 80,000 for a Tesla Model X, you have not been very lucky lately. That is, until now. Although not a direct competitor to the Tesla SUV, a brand new all electric crossover is about to debut on the 2019 Hyundai Kona. This new electric vehicle is expected to arrive at California dealerships in the U.K beginning of next year, but we had a brief opportunity to get it through the Los Angeles area last week.

Hyundai puts some interesting ideas on paper, metal and glass at the front of 2019 Hyundai Kona. The headlights are divided into thin strips on thick strips on large air intakes. The grid leaps from the ground to a thin vent. The coating extends from the bumper to the wings. And it’s right in front. The side parts are full of all kinds of wrinkles and lines, the roof can have a color contrast if you wish and the taillights have a matte gray plastic edge inserted between the body color. 2019 Hyundai Kona exaggerates all possible details, which makes her busy in a delicate and uncomfortable way, and not in a new exciting direction. We want to give him a glass of milk and calm him down before going to bed, but it’s about Oreos and Pop Rocks. Perhaps we should have thought more about having a child at this age. Inside, it is considerably quieter. 2019 Hyundai Kona’s function is to avoid kitsch in its cabin, with the possible exception of the versions that cover the lime green around the air vents and join the same color in the seats. It is rational and tidy here, with oblong inserts for audio controls and air conditioning placed under a large touch screen, next to a cockpit with large round gauges, all framed by large round louvers. Call us for conventions, but what works works.

The 2019 Hyundai Kona’s have front seats with a good range of adjustment and support cushions. The high position of the front seats facilitates access on board and the fabric inside the base is nice. The leather reaches the faces of 2019 Hyundai Kona, and we think it’s better to pay less (more on this in a moment). The interior of the 2019 Hyundai Kona does not have much of the shiny black finish of its other cars, and the matte finish of the 2019 Hyundai Kona will look and wear better in the long run, according to us. Fortunately, the instruments and controls are not a problem, and the charging of the wireless smartphones and the two USB ports is very close to each other on a front console with adequate cover space. Keep a space for small passengers in the back. The 2019 Hyundai Kona is in a big category with the Subaru Crosstrek and the Honda HR-V and, as a result, the adult space in the back is lean. The outer seats have a good sculpture, but the seat in the center will not be comfortable for long. Large passengers will touch the knees on the front seat backs, but for others, that’s fine. The 2019 Hyundai Kona has 45.8 cubic feet of space behind the front seats and 19.2 cubic feet behind the rear seats. The freight container has a low cargo floor and the tailgate opens wide to be reloaded in the big box store. In other parts of 2019 Hyundai Kona, the sound absorber and textured plastic give it a sense of economy, although the black interior is confined. The gray trim is more aesthetic, but we avoided the variations with warm green interior reflections.

The 2019 Hyundai Kona base engine is a 2.0 liter 2.0 line that produces 147 hp. It fits seamlessly into a 6 speed automatic transmission, whether it’s on the front or on all four wheels. The problem: the relatively well tuned gearbox weighs about 3,200 pounds and takes more than 10 seconds to reach 100 km/h, although it aims to increase the number of vehicles at city speed. Hyundai’s 1.6 liter in line turbo sounds like the cure, with 175 horsepower. It is connected to a 7 speed dual clutch gearbox that does not connect quickly with turbo boost and makes low speed launches more difficult. It is not more fuel efficient than the naturally aspirated engine. If it was smoother and faster, the sale would be easier. We will be excited to see how the 2019 Hyundai Kona EV battery works, with promises of excellent power and battery life. 2019 Hyundai Kona tackles the road with a MacPherson strut front suspension and a torsion or multi-link rear suspension, depending on whether it is equipped with AWD or not. Front wheel models with torsion bars offer good maneuverability with smaller tires, but the smarter feel of 2019 Hyundai Kona AWD with 17 or 18 inch wheels is better. With this configuration, the 2019 Hyundai Kona has no record of economic recovery, even with the biggest tires. In addition to 2019 Hyundai Kona’s 6.7 inch ground clearance, AWD models will not damage a Crosstrek in an off-road cage fight, but AWD 2019 Hyundai Kona’s will benefit from better traction in occasions and gentler handling. The steering is safe and direct and the brakes of the 2019 Hyundai Kona are very efficient. That said, the 2019 Kona behaves well with a hatchback when the road turns, on par with its rivals.

Another question is the price, although this should be answered in the next few days. When writing this first review, Hyundai has not yet announced the price of 2019 Hyundai Kona. When launching the press, company officials only deduced that it would be “competitive” with rivals. As a revision, the Chevrolet Bolt starts at $ 37,495 before the incentives. If 2019 Hyundai Kona is close to this goal, it will be an attractive alternative in the high end electric vehicle segment. Stay tuned for the next few days to get more details on what it will cost to get your own 2019 Hyundai Kona mug.

2019 Hyundai Kona Turbo Mpg Specs All Wheel Drive

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