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Member F of the 2019 Lexus LS family is the subject of a serious discussion, which should not be confused with the 2019 Lexus LS F Sport, which is much better for sport than for sport pursuit. Our espionage photography fans have recently seen a test mullet that solves their problem under the sun of Spain. In general, the power of the V8 is a must if the LS wants to be really used.

For starters, while the large spindle grille is identical to the F Sport model, the rear intercooler is larger and much more obvious. Interestingly, the side vents seem to be a bit narrower, but they themselves are somewhat different, which could result in a different airflow. Both changes could mean a stronger engine or a larger unit. It is interesting to note that the nose of the sedan also rises higher, which is noticeable because of the gap in the front wheel. This could be just a strange configuration for test purposes, but it might also suggest an AWD system or even a hybrid powertrain. I do not see any other revealing edges on the sides, but at the rear there is a boot spoiler, which is not offered in standard LS or LS F Sport models. The bumper is quite similar, but the exhaust pipes are missing. This might not seem surprising given the hybrid badges, but our paparazzi mentioned that the car was very noisy. I guess it’s safe to assume that Lexus is trying to keep things secret. Once the sedan has received its production body, we should see more aggressive front and rear bumpers, revised side skirts and perhaps even a lower suspension. These should work well with the new design features of the 2019 Lexus LS, including the longer, wider position with a stiff, firm appearance, Z-shaped headlamps, and large taillights. In total, the LS F should have what it takes to excel in the lineup, but it will not be much more aggressive than the standard sedan. On the other hand, this is not a problem, as most high performance sedans have a very pale appearance.

Our photographers have not come close enough to take pictures of the interior, but we can assume that it will be identical to the standard model in terms of design and design. The fifth generation 2019 Lexus LS has been completely redesigned and now features a low dashboard with horizontal lines and a split design between the huge infotainment screen placed at the top and the air conditioning control in the part lower. In addition, unlike most cars in this class, the center console and center console are separate units. There is also a new seat design with 28 position power front seats, which also comes with heating, cooling and massage functions. A new 12.3 inch screen gives you access to a host of information and entertainment features, smartphone connectivity, and navigation. On top of that, the model with the F mark must have enough extras. Although they are elegant and comfortable, the standard front seats will be replaced by reinforced units, heavier for aggressive driving. You can still install the device at ease, but probably as a free option. The LS F will also have a sportier steering wheel, probably with a flat bottom, and a bespoke set of instruments with a more aggressive design, especially in Sport mode. Other features include aluminum pedals, a perforated grip and footrest, Ultrasuede seat inserts, and roof lining and carbon fiber trim. The Mark Levinson 3D surround sound system with ceiling matrix speakers and the optional 24 inch front panel, both optional in standard 2019 Lexus LS and F Sport models, could be included in the standard package.

Under the hood of the 2019 Lexus LS full size luxobarge with more suspension and steering, the engine that everyone wants is a 4 liter double turbo V8 with the Lord being aware of the amount of power. Many studies fix the displacement between 4 and 4.4 liters, while 600 ponies should make the secret of the German organization. Now, let’s wait and hope for the best of the Lexus component.

Lexus has not yet announced the price of 2019 Lexus LS, it is difficult to estimate the cost of a model Lexus LS F. However, it is likely that the basic sedan will sell $ 80,000, which means that the  Lexus LS F will cost more than $ 100,000. . With the Mercedes Benz AMG S63 priced at $ 144,700 and the retail sale of the BMW M760i xDrive starting at $ 156,700, the  Lexus LS F could reach the $ 140,000 of the previous options.

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