2019 Lincoln Continental Review And Price

2019 Lincoln Continental Dimensions Specs Convertible Four Link Kit

The 2019 Lincoln Continental presents a total load of stylish attributes and updates with empirical complements. There are two different models, with a complete suite incorporating the use of high end materials and security options. In addition, in the 2019 Lincoln Continental, the double sunroof, the railroad exits, the blind spot precautions, a phalanx of renowned electronic safety devices.

From the beginning, it is obvious that the exterior design of the 2019 Lincoln Continental is based on the conceptual model. This means that the new sedan will be elegant and subtle. In addition, it will look a little more sporty and aggressive. It seems that American engineers have decided to introduce a bit of sportiness into the traditional and luxurious Continental look. The 2019 Lincoln Continental also seems longer than previous versions, which means more interior space. On the front we will not see any radical change. Instead, we’ll see a slightly refurbished grill, bigger air vents and subtly redesigned headlights. At the rear, the Continental will have more changes. These will include a reworked trunk lid, larger and redesigned LED taillights, a small flap and two exhaust outlets.

The next 2019 Lincoln Continental will have a spacious interior that will easily accommodate up to 5 people. In terms of luxury and elegance, the interior will be more than worthy of the tradition and name of Continental. People interested in this sedan should expect nothing, if not luxury and maximum elegance. With the introduction of new high quality materials and fully adjustable and heated seats, the Continental Cab will also offer a very comfortable experience. If that’s not enough, the seats will also have a massage function, in addition to the heating system. The 2019 Lincoln Continental controls are ideally located and easy to use, while the dashboard features a more ergonomic design. As for technology options, the next Continental will have a bit of everything. Customers can expect a 9 inch touch screen, Sync 3 information system, 3 zone climate control, adaptive cruise control, and more.

It comes with a six speed automatic dual clutch system that does not work seamlessly. Especially in the takeoff of the central accelerator on the lines of free throws. Under the hood of 2019, the Lincoln Continental is a double turbo 3.0 liter emitting 400 horsepower. This engine comes with a 16/24 mpg city/highway rate according to the EPA. There is also an option for four wheel drive, delivered with a 2.7 liter V6 turbo engine installed transversely. This is perhaps the most convincing attribute of the 2019 Lincoln Continental.

The 2019 Lincoln Continental is expected to hit the US market in mid-2018, with an initial price of $ 45,600 for the base model. The most advanced model will have a price of at least $ 80,000.

2019 Lincoln Continental Dimensions Specs Convertible Four Link Kit

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