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Amex Cash Preferred is a direct selling company owned by Investing America, the parent company of Equifax. As of the most recent financial year (Q4 of 2009), the company had invested almost USD seventeen million in affiliates and direct selling schemes. The scheme involved selling travel insurance to customers who need a supplement for their trip. It is not known what proportion of that investment has been earned by the company but it was reported that the figure was twenty-one percent. According to the Financial Times, “investors have become increasingly interested in [its] affiliate marketing arm as it offers commissions that are less than 10%”.

One of the main features of this company is its alliance with R Squared. This is a network that provides merchant cashback and discount cards to its cardholders. It is the largest merchant bank in the world, with offices in Canada, London, and New York. This means that it is also one of the largest providers of credit-card processing, with over four million transactions every day. R Squared is not only the largest provider of retail cashback cards in the world but is one of the largest providers of retail discount cards.

R Squared's partnership with Amex may seem odd to non-commerce webmasters but it actually makes a lot of sense. The reason is that an affiliate store is a very natural way to attract new customers to your website. When someone visits your website from an affiliate store, they are more likely to purchase a product from your site than if they had visited your main site directly. If you are willing to let a major provider of credit cards promote your website for you, then there is very little chance that they will not do the same on their own website or within their own group of affiliates.

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Affiliate Marketing is an important aspect of online commerce. Many affiliate programs today allow merchants to offer their affiliates a cut of the profits that result from a sale made through their affiliate websites. In return, affiliates place links on their own websites that direct customers to the merchant. Merchants and affiliate websites typically work out a deal whereby the merchant gives some form of incentive, such as a percentage of sales or a discount on purchases, in return for an affiliate's links.

Online merchants and affiliate programs have been benefiting from the arrangement for a while now. However, the rise of blogs and other sharing sites has made the relationship much more transparent. Nowadays, a merchant can have his or her own blog where he or she can discuss products and services in an honest and open manner. Consumers can then access this blog easily and can read the merchant's honest reviews. They can also sign up to receive emails from the merchant or . . . . . . his affiliates and can then use these emails to make purchases from the merchant's site.

Thus, the merchant is able to promote his or her wares and earn money in the process. The affiliate receives commissions from every sale that is made as a result of the marketing strategy used by both the merchant and the affiliate. Amex Cash Preferred gives affiliates an excellent opportunity to create a passive income that continues to increase over time. They only need to devote a portion of their time to promoting the site and to collecting the agreed amount of fees from the consumers who buy products and services through their portal. This offers them a way of building a lucrative passive income stream that will not get extinguished once the job is done.

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As an example, if an affiliate earns $20 from each sale, he or she can get up to $1000 in commissions by simply promoting Amex Cash Preferred online. The perks offered by the business are really quite amazing. For one thing, a person who signs up for the program gets access to a pre-qualified list of hotels for travel. This list contains luxury properties located around the world in which a person can enjoy traveling at a very affordable price. Thus, a traveler has the opportunity to choose from among the best hotels worldwide without having to do the tedious research required for finding these properties personally.

One of the best things about working with the Visa and MasterCard brand is that it allows the affiliate to take full advantage of the power of the internet. It is so much more convenient to purchase goods online from the comfort of one's home than going out to purchase them at the mall. With Visa and MasterCard as the marketing tools to use in this venture, anyone with a website and an internet connection has the opportunity to earn money from home using the techniques taught by those who have mastered the art of internet marketing.

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