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Purchase Macy's gift card online and never have to leave the comfort of your home. Buy today and feel free to shop anytime – the gift card offer is valid only for purchases at Macy's Gift Cards and Gift Certificates. Macy's Gift Cards are great rewards for loyal customers. Earn up to 3.00 percent cash back from MyGiftCardsPlus, the official website partner for Macy's.

Order gift certificates online securely with secure payment gateway. Macy's is America s leading department store, an iconic branded store and premier retail brand. Macy's customer come to its numerous stores, website and mobile application for trendy fashion, quality and value-added products. They also come in handy when making reservations, booking hotel rooms and arranging travel arrangements.

With millions of cards in inventory, customers have a vast collection to choose from to suit their needs. Gift certificates are available for popular products such as coats, shoes, handbags, jewelry, electronics, children s and baby items. Online purchases are safe, easy and secured. Personalize your shopping experience by adding personal messages to your cards.

Macy's Gift Cards are available for purchase at the internet site or its partner company's retail outlets. Each card features security features to help prevent fraud. Cards are valid for a specified period of time and can be reused after the introductory period expires. When purchasing gift certificates online, the customer must enter the order total into the program bar provided on the website. Card information including credit card number is encrypted during checkout.

Online purchase of certificates is usually available at the same low price as at the store. Most certificates are valid for a full year and cannot be reused. Customers must present the card at the point of checkout to complete the transaction. Some certificates are restricted to a specific purchase only.

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Each Macy's Gift card is linked to one of thousands of stores. Cards are good for a specified period of time, after which they expire and must be renewed by visiting the store. If a customer has an existing account with Macy's, the gift card can be transferred to that store. For customers who do not have a Macy's account, a temporary one can be created by visiting Macy's official website.

By using a gift card, the customer demonstrates responsibility and loyalty. A gift card issued at a Macy's department store can be used to make purchases at any other location. The card is a limited-time offer. Some cards are honored for just a single purchase or a set number of purchases. Others are good for a specific amount of time.

The cost of a gift card depends on the value of the item being purchased. It is good for a specific time period. Most importantly, purchases made with the gift card are listed in the customer's statement. Purchases made with a Macy's Gift card do not need to be reported to a credit card company.

In order to obtain a Macy's gift card, the customer must be at least 18 years old. He/she also needs to be a citizen of the United States. There are specific instructions provided on the website about how to apply for the card. A qualified applicant will receive a card in the mail.

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The card features a magnetic strip on the backside that allows it to be attached to a purse, wallet or other type of bag. Macy's customer service department can also be contacted to assist a potential customer in filling out the appropriate forms. The customer is able to use the gift card anytime he/she wants to make purchases. However, purchases made with the card are not eligible for cash back or rewards programs.

The company limits the number of cards a person can have. A maximum of two cards can be used at any one time. However, two cards can be combined for an even greater amount of purchases. The cards have a certain dollar value and cannot be exchanged for cash or other items. Gift certificates are also not permitted for purchases made using the cards.

When purchasing a Macy's gift card, the buyer must provide address, date of birth and social security number. The card expires after three years. Any purchases made using the card are subject to the taxes. At present, this gift card is only available at select locations across the United States.

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