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Every future bride wants her big day to be spectacular and she does all that she can to make it so. She works really hard to get everything perfect and she pays good money for the very best. Now, four brides will get the opportunity to observe how their weddings stack up against each other – right from the start. At the end, they'll be whisked away on a fabulous honeymoon to a faraway place where they'll do nothing but talk and enjoy the company of their new friends. But it won't be a wedding; it'll just be a get-together.

In this week's episode of “My Friends at the F Word,” titled “4 Weddings,” Top Chef Jessica Messer is faced with having to select the worst wedding guest she's ever had. The worst one, of course, being when her brother crashed the reception. Before he came, she had a dream about him cooking the meal and then inviting the entire restaurant staff to dinner. At the very least, she thought, she'll be able to tell them what she expects from them. But in the dream, he didn't exactly do what he said he would.

In the first round, voted by the people who watch the show, Jessica fails to impress even Ben Dover, who is picked as her eventual competitor. Ben is deemed the worst wedding guest ever because he brought a bottle of bad Vodka to the event. He also tried to make his groomsmen jealous of Jessica's love for him by telling them about how beautiful she was and how lucky he was to have her there. It seems that there are many things that can go wrong before a brides' dream comes true.

In the next episode, “The Queen,” which comes after the catastrophic launch of one of the cargo ships that were part of the relief effort in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, there is another bridal nightmare. This time, it's Stephanie Rice, who was the maid of honor at the first four weddings. She is tasked to be the ring bearer and to stand there with the rest of the girls as they pass around the ring. As if that weren't enough to be a pain, Stephanie has to sit through a speech extracurricular involving the first four marriages and the subsequent divorces of the women who underwent those weddings. Things get especially bad when Stephanie realizes that the only reason she's standing up there is so that Stephanie can see if there's something else she can do to improve her marriage.

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After watching the two episodes, I have to say that I'm not sure if any of the marriages in the past that had been featured on the show have been great experiences for the bride. I mean, some of them are, but it seems like other times they were more or less disaster. To be fair, there were some really good bridal shows on television that year, like The Bachelor, but it seemed like after the first couple of episodes, people started tuning out. Perhaps it was just the timing of the season, but the fact remains that the first four weddings featured on the 2011underground episode of the television show featured some real drama and high emotions.

The Bachelor: The Queen featured one of the best bridal shows on television right now. In this episode no.airDatetotal, Stephanie Rice is the ring bearer and the girl next to Joanna. After being selected as the ring bearer, the girls all look forward to the event. When it's finally their turn to deliver their speeches, there is quite a bit of back and forth talking about each of the girls' past four weddings, especially how they handled the situation. There are some teary eyed looks, some real awkward moments, but none of the girls seem to realize that they are actually in a real wedding.

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Below the Real World: The Bachelor: There are so many reality television shows, and The Bachelor certainly is not one of them. However, it is one of the more interesting and in-depth shows to come on the airwaves in a long time. Stephanie Rice, the star of the show, has previously been married to Ben Dover, the star of another reality television series. What's great about this show is that they get to discuss everything from the whole wedding process to how they met, how they fell in love, and eventually how they ended up with each other all while filling in some of the bigger and more important details of each of the four weddings that they have been to.

Pits Four Brides: This is an example of the type of show that would be best enjoyed by all ages. It features the four brides who have been sent to live together for the duration of their honeymoon, as well as their families and friends. The episodes tend to take place in a small town in North Carolina, and they feature everyday situations such as what is taking place between the bride and groom, or what family members are having for dinner. In most episodes, the bride and groom are shown from behind, and they explain why they are getting married and what they hope to gain out of their new relationship. This show is very sweet and fun, and watching it after four weddings can be a very enjoyable experience.

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