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If you have been looking forward to make some alteration in your loan repayment or want to avail the facilities provided by credit card then Capital One Bill Pay is the best option for you. Capital One Bill Pay is also known as high-rate card debt consolidation. It will help you to consolidate all your debts under single card so that you can easily pay off your multiple debts with one affordable monthly payment.

To make Capital One Bill Pay, you should register yourself on to online banking. Then you can simply pay all your three categories of payment with capital one bill pay. It has no cost and no obligations. This option is available for both secured and unsecured credit cards.

Before signing up with this service you need to check your credit card agreement. Some banks may not allow you to make use of this facility due to their particular rules and regulations. So you need to clarify all the terms and conditions related to your capital one credit card. Most importantly if you are going to pay cash then ensure that you have sufficient amount of money in your checking account. This is important as it will be the collateral for your capital one bill pay.

You need to open a bank account. It does not matter which bank account. Just make sure you open a checking account with your present bank. Make sure you fill out the application form properly. You need to provide all the information requested by them.

After successfully opening the bank account, you need to sign the agreement form. Once you have signed the agreement then you can easily withdraw your money from your account. You will also be able to pay your monthly installments and minimum payment on time. This is how you can make your capital one card payment online bill payment easily.

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Your next step is to sign up for an automatic payment system from your bank. If you have not activated it then it means you are still in the process of signing up. Next step is to login to your bank's website and enter your login id and password.

Then you need to go to your capital one credit card website and click on the payments tab. The first payment account will be highlighted in blue color, while the other accounts will be red. Select the account with the lower color in the payments tab. Now select the payment activity page. This is where your details are entered.

On your next screen click on the payments tab and you will now see the number of your bill in addition to the due date, the due amount, the payment amount, the remaining time left for your bill to be paid, and the payment activity page. If you want to end your bill period, just click the “End Billing Period” link. To manage your dues, click on the pencil icon on the top right corner of your screen. Finally, to get a detailed summary of your bill status click on the “Summary” tab on your screen.

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Once you are done with this step, you can move on to the Payment overview. Here you will see your payment history, which will include number of bills to be paid, the number of days left for payment, and the number of days for the due date to be paid. Your bank account will also be shown here. It is important to note that all information on these screens is encrypted.

Now, click on the “Payment Activity Page” if you want to manage your payments. There you will see your last invoice as well as the amount of money left for the pay bill and the number of installments remaining for each installment. Your autopay installments will start automatically after you enter the PIN.

You are now ready to manage your monthly cash flow and make the necessary payments to your creditors. The Capital One Bill Pay iPhone app is not limited to managing your Capital One bank account. It also works well for handling your other financial obligations such as credit card bills, cell phone payments, department store cards, and various other utility bills. What's more, you can synchronize your payments across multiple bill pay accounts.

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