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Fashion of the 1980s laid emphasis on bold, loose clothing and large, puffy, shaggy hair. Clothing was often very colorful and loud in look. Punk fashion began as an act of rebellion against the materialist values of the early 1980s and grew into a popular lifestyle, eventually influencing generations of fashion designers.

The trend toward puffy, chunky hairstyles and large, shaggy clothing took hold throughout the United States and even internationally. Fashions for the decade included items like the leather jacket, baggy jeans, tight-fitting T-shirts and, of course, the chunky, bold hairstyle. Bangles were not yet common and earrings were very large, stand out round or teardrop shapes, and often made from precious metals like gold, silver, or copper. For the women who wore earrings, they often wore multiple pairs so that they would be able to wear different styles and cuts. Some wore earrings made from several gemstones.

The 1980s fashion trend for neon clothing and jewelry was highlighted by the many neon signs that dotted the roads of major cities. Neon jewelry came in many forms and was designed with bright colors and sparkle. Wearing neon jewelry during the time period helped to make clothing more fashionable without having to follow the trends set by fashion models wearing the same clothes every day. Bright neon jewelry was one of the first fashions to be widely adopted by the younger generation of women. Soon, it was replacing more traditional metallic jewelry such as yellow gold and silver.

After the birth of punk and new wave fashion styles, the fashion industry of that decade also began to change. This was mostly due to the increasing popularity of pop stars. During this time period, hip hop and techno artists took center stage. These artists combined street wear with fashion styles and it resulted in a unique and new image for the younger generation of women. Many designers decided to take advantage of this new style and began to design clothing using heavy fabrics and bold colors. The result was an outfit that incorporated elements from urban fashion with elements of glamour and sophistication.

The most popular piece of clothing of this decade was the short little mini skirt known as the mini skirt. The mini skirt had been an innovation of women's clothing that took elements from streetwear. This particular design incorporated elastic material that allowed a woman to easily adjust her skirt to create an illusion of being taller and smaller. This type of apparel was originally developed by two designers, both of whom were popular among the fashion crowd at the time.

The two designers, Peter Elias and John Lewis, were responsible for the development of what is known as the acid dress. This particular garment incorporated many different elements of different styles and patterns into one dress. It featured an intricate multi layered look that incorporated bold colors, delicate embroidery, and elaborate ruffles. The acid dress continued to see plenty of innovation throughout the decade, many people still wearing the iconic dress to this day. Many people are of the opinion that this particular dress was designed specifically for Madonna, which may be true, but she certainly was not the only person who designed and wore this fashion item.

Hair pieces were also an important aspect of this decade's fashion. The hairstyles and makeup techniques were quite radicalized, much more so than they had been in previous decades. Colorful hair bows and other hair accessories became an important part of many women's hair. Along with the color choices, eye shadow palettes and lipstick shades were more diverse than they had ever been in the past. Many fashion designers even went as far as to put several different colors and glitter into their products.

Another fashion trend that was common for the entire decade was the use of brightly colored and decorated clothing. The biggest and brightest neon jewelry was also seen on celebrities of this time period. Bright neon bracelets and shoes also adorned many of the celebrities. In fact, you could say that the '80s fashion trend' was about showcasing and flaunting one's individual personality and talents in a very unique manner. You just had to be willing to experiment and try new things.

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