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A corpse flower is a beautiful low growing low lying shrub or tree. The corpse flower is a composite flower that contains multiple flowers attached to one large stem. Each flower will open up and go into one of the three different phases of the flower, each separate stage ranging from colour to fragrance. The three stages are called the prothallium, metula, and phalaenopsis.

This beautiful composite corpse flower is unique in that it has three separate flowers. They are also not flowers that grow on the entire plant, they grow together on the underground stems that are so prevalent in this species. There are approximately 4000 individual flowers on each of the two underground stems. There are many related but smaller flowers that are actually the same flower but have different types of stem structure. Each stem has one set of leaflets. These leaflets can be white or a slightly pinkish colour.

This is a beautiful specimen that is very easy to look after. It needs a lot of moisture, so it's best to not over feed it. When the soil is dry then the flowers are dormant and the roots will also stay below the surface. If you find dead flowers on the ground then they will dry out very quickly. You should keep an eye on the weather at this time of year as it will affect the timing of your blooms.

When the weather is warm, they will start to bloom. This is because the surface of the soil expands and contracts when the temperature increases or decreases. You can also help them bloom better by using mulch. Mulch will help prevent rotting of the leaves and stems of the plants. As the plants warm up, they will expand and contract making the flower become larger. They will also emit a pleasant scent from the foliage.

One of the advantages of the corpse flower is that it is able to live for a number of years. Being such a large flower it can survive quite well even in poor conditions. Some flowers can only thrive in very acidic environments and this one can tolerate most of the conditions that most plants are used to. The flower is not picky about the conditions it finds itself in and can survive even in low light, which is something that most flowers cannot do.

The flowers can be planted in a variety of places including the lawn, woodland, along roadsides and even in the farmyard if you are really brave. They will grow to about five to six feet high with the dark green colouring. They can also be found in some containers. The best place to plant them is in full sun, but they also like some shade. A shady spot close to a home's well would also be ideal.

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