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This is a promotional gift card from DirectVest Credit Union and it allows you to buy gifts at certain vendors and restaurants only. The 100 Visa Gift Card can be used online for everyday living expenses such as groceries, fuel, entertainment and other daily life needs. No matter what your favorite dishes are, you can find the perfect restaurant to fill your belly. Restaurants like Emeril's or Baked Fish and Chips because they specialize in southwestern cuisine, or Chula Vista or Orange County because they specialize in regional cuisine. Whatever your preference is, you will find the restaurant that is perfect for your tastes and needs, from breakfast through dessert, you will have your choice.

These types of promotional gift cards come with an application password that has to be submitted when you apply online. The password helps the company to monitor the number of users that have been created on the system. The company cannot share this information with third parties or use this information for marketing purposes without the expressed permission of the users. In some cases, the server login errors that you are experiencing could be related to the email address you have provided.

These problems can be fixed by first determining which application password needs to be entered in order to access the account. If you did not type the correct email address when you made the application, you need to reinstall the software or use the secure browser in order to enter the right password. If the problem is caused by server login errors, you can contact customer service or consult the Helpdesk. They can provide you with instructions on how to resolve the issue.

When you receive this promotional gift card, you can use it on any of the participating restaurants listed on the Visa gift card website. You can purchase the gift card by presenting the card on the online vendor's sales register. Be sure to select a participating restaurant when you make your selection. The percentage rate offered may differ from one restaurant to another. However, the discount provided on dining meals is consistent between all restaurants.

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It takes up to two weeks for your reward points to appear on your account. Once they are credited, you will need to visit the restaurant or merchants mentioned on your Visa gift card account to claim your reward. The gift cards are good for dining only.

You should always keep the card at home. They are meant to be used once at a designated location. Carry the card with you as you shop at the mall or other locations where you frequent the most. Always ensure that the details entered on the registration page are true and that the card is fully paid for before you leave.

To avoid misuse of the account, maintain appropriate account maintenance procedures. You should avoid making purchases or payments using your card more than necessary. Keep track of every transaction you make in your account. This may include the total value of the item bought or the withdrawal of cash from your account. If you find any suspicious transactions, contact your bank immediately.

Make sure that you do not exceed the maximum limit on the card. Exceeding the limit will not help you to get discounts or rewards. Only use your card as you have been issued. By following these simple tips, you can avoid misuse of your 100 visa gift card and use it to make purchases online or at the store.

Be aware that your information is at risk if you reveal your PIN number during a transaction. Do not give out your PIN to anyone, including store employees or someone that you don't know. When giving out your PIN, be sure to have a photo ID, such as a driver's license, to prove that you are the person you say you are. Protect your card by safeguarding it with a zip lock bag or other container in case it is lost.

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Report any unauthorized transactions to the issuer quickly. Contact the fraud department of your card provider so that they can address the problem. Report any suspicious activity to your bank as soon as possible. You should also report any stolen items to your local police so that they can be replaced. By doing these things, you can help prevent your account from being abused and you can use it to make purchases online or at the store that you frequent.

Keep in mind that there are certain rules that you must follow when it comes to your card and how you make transactions. Know the guidelines for making purchases as well as how to cancel a transaction if you need to. It is important to remember that once you open a card account, you are required to use it properly. Therefore, you should make your payments and use the card wisely.

Visa® Gift Card - 100 visa gift card
Visa® Gift Card – 100 visa gift card | 100 visa gift card

$6 Vanilla Visa Gift Card - 100 visa gift card
$6 Vanilla Visa Gift Card – 100 visa gift card | 100 visa gift card
$6 Visa Gift Card (plus $6
$6 Visa Gift Card (plus $6 | 100 visa gift card
$6 Vanilla Visa Gift Card - 100 visa gift card
$6 Vanilla Visa Gift Card – 100 visa gift card | 100 visa gift card
Visa $6 Gift Card - Walmart
Visa $6 Gift Card – Walmart | 100 visa gift card
$6 Visa Gift Card (plus $6
$6 Visa Gift Card (plus $6 | 100 visa gift card

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