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The first thing that comes to mind when a person hears the term “Muse” is the famous pop star Madonna. She was the first to use the term in a popular song. In fact, the term was derived from the words “mysticism,” “dying”musical genius.” The original song was entitled “The Power of Make Believe.” Her lyrics included lines such as, “When my body fails to be my own/I will put on a show.”

Michael Jackson is another celebrity that uses the term “Mysticism” in his music. The term originated with a musician in New York, a man named Horace Greeley. His term for his musical style was “psychedelic.” The term has been used in various music genres ever since then including hip hop and pop music.

Another person that is often labeled as the “Mystic” is Kobe Bryant. In his book “Kobe Bryant: My Game Plan,” he describes his “Mysticism.” The term is defined by him as, “an aura surrounding a performer that enables a great deal of control and intuition. Some people call it 'God's Gift.' I call it 'Kobe's Muse.' We all have our own personal muse.”

What makes Bryant's Muse unique is the way it changes as the game progresses. When he is not in a good shooting slump, his Muse will be in a state of “Flow.” He will have a direct connection to the universe. His instincts are crystal clear. As he gets better at shooting the basketball, his skills will also improve. At this point, his “Mysticism” will have increased greatly. During this time, his “mood” will be one of confidence and purpose.

Kobe Bryant's “Mysticism” has also been linked to his father, Larry Johnson, a basketball coach and actor. Larry was a great athlete and basketball player in his own right. He also played for the legendary Celtics teams of the 1940s. His playing career spanned many years and his Hall-of-Fame career lasted for over four decades. He is credited as being one of the top all-time “Mysticists” in basketball history. His basketball playing career is often compared to that of Michael Jordan.

As I said in the beginning of the article, I am not an expert when it comes to the field of “Mysticism,” or the powers of the mind. I hope you found this article of interest. If so, please click on the link below and visit our site for more . . . . . . interesting articles on subjects related to sports mysticism. In particular, we discuss the concept of the “Muse.”

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